Our Story
Built by educators, for educators
Our co-founder, Craig Jones, was a middle school science teacher at a struggling public school in South Los Angeles. Thanks to a school grant, he was able to work with a class set of used laptops every day. Initially, Craig patched together some basic software, a student response system and a lot of spreadsheets to help understand his students' strengths and weaknesses to learning standards. The technique of daily formative assessment, more targeted intervention, and faster feedback ultimately led to record-breaking academic outcomes. After four years in the classroom, Craig went to grad school at UCLA where he met Kevin McFarland, his roommate, and soon-to-be co-founder. Together, Kevin and Craig envisioned a world where faster formative teaching practices could replace traditional end-of-year summative assessments. After multiple research initiatives, prototypes, and the help of countless individuals, Formative (goformative.com) was launched in January 2015.
Meet the Team
Working hard to ensure our students, teachers and schools grow
Andy Amin
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Andy is a strategist that partners with others to help them solve problems and accomplish their goals. As an adventurer, I like to discover new people, places and cuisines.Why Formative?I strive to prepare our youth for a rapidly changing world. My hope is that students from different backgrounds will be able to develop skills and character traits for future employment and happiness.
Jonathan Bay
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Jonathan is passionate about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology, and problem solving. He enjoys serving others, and has found his path assisting K-12 students and professionals with his passions.Why Formative?We are passionate about positively impacting the classroom because we are educators, parents, industry experts, and people with a vision. We know that nurturing the current generation will cultivate a better world. We sincerely believe Formative is the best resource to benefit students, teachers, and the K-12 community as a whole.
Melissa Bohorquez
Success Manager
Who am I?After nine years of working in Higher Education developing Student Services programs, Melissa realized that the key to having college-ready students is to intervene during formative years. Formative allows educators to do just that, to meet students where they are by assessing progress and providing instant feedback.Why Formative?Formative was created around the premise that educators should have efficient tools to support student success in new ways. We deeply care about the future of education!
Nick Deka
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Nick loves the fact that I am working everyday to help teachers reach their students individual potential. Our platform was built to enable teachers differentiate in the classroom by using formative assessments.Why Formative?I am a career hunter in sales. I like to win. Working in EDTECH gives me a satisfaction because I know the impact my relationships have on schools and their districts. By the way I like to compete in BBQ competitions.
Robyn Gerard
Quality Manager
Who am I?Robyn is a wife and mom, wanna be chef, and an artist. She believe customer service is the soul of every company.Why Formative?As the mom of a teenager in high school, I know the struggles of online learning for both teacher and student. I want to be part of the solution that helps our community in this new world we're currently navigating.
Juliann Green
Success Manager
Who am I?Juliann is a former educator of 14 years who believes in the words of George Couros "Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers' it's transformational."Why Formative?As an educator, it is a joy to assist and equip educators with tools to help their students academically succeed.
Craig Jones
Who am I?Craig is a family man, former science teacher and helpless fan of the Cincinnati Bengals. He enjoys bike riding and coding late into the night. Craig will always pick Michigan State to win the NCAA tournament.Why Formative?Education is the best way to close the opportunity gap and significant improvements will undeniably change the world for the better.
Josh Harris
Success Manager
Who am I?Josh is an educator and success coach from Kansas City, MO. He currently resides in New Orleans, LA and is happiest when spending quality time with his wife, two toddlers and black lab, Jack.Why Formative?Josh works at Formative to continue working towards closing the opportunity gap and driving student achievement but on a larger scale by supporting teachers all around the world.
Dakota Hembre
Customer Support Consultant
Who am I?Dakota is a student of the world, constantly learning, bettering himself, and expanding his knowledge of many subjects. California born hiker and beach walker. He enjoys playing piano, playing video games, and working on computer projects.Why Formative?I joined Formative because, I want to help create the best possible Online Classroom environment. I am looking forward to helping create a powerful tool that teachers can use to teach their students with.
Yong La
Software Engineer
Who am I?Yong is a Canadian who enjoys powering his coding sessions with coffee. He's excited about the future and how technology will continue to shape and improve our lives.Why Formative?To tackle interesting engineering challenges and have an impact on the education industry.
Tristan Lucero
Customer Support Consultant
Who am I?Tristan currently lives in Texas and is passionate about always learning and furthering yourself as a person. He enjoys programming, video games, and can even solve a Rubik’s cube!Why Formative?Formative lets teachers of all levels help their students learn subjects faster, and easier. I really believe Formative helps not only teachers, but the next generation of students as well.
Jonathan Mann
President of Partnerships & Success
Who am I?Jonathan is a life long learner that is passionate about helping others realize their full potential.Why Formative?To help students realize their full potential
Kevin McFarland
Who am I?Kevin is the product of a lot of loving people, trying to combine a grassroots work ethic with lofty aspirations.Why Formative?Anyone can improve the world in their own way; Improving education empowers entire generations to have that opportunity.
Sarah McGull
Success Manager
Who am I?Sarah is a strong-willed, passionate educator and mom of three strong-willed independent girls.Why Formative?We do what we do so that Formative can continue to support student success.
Zoe Osherow
Success Manager
Who am I?Zoe is a Texas native residing in Denver, CO. You can find her hiking, writing, and teaching her puppy new tricks.Why Formative?As a former educator, I know the importance of using data to improve pedagogical practices to meet the needs of all students. I am passionate about giving teachers the tools to help improve student success
Paul Sheppard
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Paul is the son of an educator, married to a former elementary school teacher, and father of 4 high schoolers.Why Formative?As a parent I believe strongly in giving educators strong tools to help identify where each individual student is on the learning progression.
Lauren Sprowl
Business Manager/HR
Who am I?Lauren most enjoys learning through trying new things. You'll find her baking, playing cards, or saying hello to the neighbors' dogs.Why Formative?Coming from a family of educators, I know how important supporting our teachers and students is. Formative is an adaptive tool that does exactly that.
Nicole Stewart
Director of Success & Operations
Who am I?Nikki is an educator, driven individual, and roller skating extraordinaire.Why Formative?I do what I do because I was an educator for 16 years. I know the struggle of grading papers, returning scores, running interventions. We do what we do to help educators save time and be able to intervene when it matters the most...immediately.
Leia Swiggett
Success Manager
Who am I?Leia is an educator, mom to a pre-teen girl, and travel enthusiast.Why Formative?As a former teacher, I know how much teachers have on their plates to help their students succeed. Quality assessment tools is vital to that success. Formative provides teachers the tools they need to make decisions from real-time, meaningful data!
Aaron Tarbell
Success Manager
Who am I?Aaron is a former Humanities teacher with a love for reading, running, live music, and hockey.Why Formative?Formative allows students to show their understanding in a variety of ways, and lets teachers provide immediate, meaningful, and actionable feedback. As a former teacher, Formative was essential to my own classroom practice.
Dobes Vandermeer
Senior Engineer
Who am I?Dobes is a guy from Canada who helps make software, among other things.Why Formative?Fun, fame, and riches. Work with interesting people and make a difference in the world.
Matthew Wheeland
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Matthew is a former classroom teacher (M.Ed) of 7 years, a father to a young boy, a dog-dad to a beautiful Australian Shephred and a lover of Ohio sports!Why Formative?Simply put, I believe we are the best instructional assessment available. Teachers love Formative, and you will, too.
Rebecca Worden
Success Manager
Who am I?Rebecca is a former educator who has taught in the U.K., Hong Kong, and the US. She is also a devoted co-parent to Ralph (a dog).Why Formative?Formative empowers teachers! We give you the time and tools to do what you do best: support student success!
Chris Zieba
Senior Engineer
Who am I?Chris is a man who loves to write code that solves problems people have on a day to day.Why Formative?To help teachers help their students
Meet our Pioneers
Fostering collaboration amongst educators in our community
Lisa Scumpieru
10th Grade ELA Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Barry Desain
Instructional Tech Specialist
Who am I?Why Formative?
Andy Baumann
Middle School Spanish Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Jen Roberts
9th Grade ELA Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Omer Karabacak
ESL Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Joe Marquez
Tech Coach, Science Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Jordan Cambron
Instructional Support Specialist
Who am I?Why Formative?
Ashly Winkle
HSE and ABE Instructor, Tech Integration Coach
Who am I?Why Formative?
Sean Kendall
Personalized Learning Leader
Who am I?Why Formative?

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