Our Story
Built by educators, for educators
Our co-founder, Craig Jones, was a middle school science teacher at a struggling public school in South Los Angeles. Thanks to a school grant, he was able to work with a class set of used laptops every day. Initially, Craig patched together some basic software, a student response system and a lot of spreadsheets to help understand his students strengths and weaknesses to learning standards. The technique of daily formative assessment, more targeted intervention and faster feedback ultimately led to record-breaking academic outcomes. After four years in the classroom, Craig went to grad school at UCLA where he met Kevin McFarland, his roommate and soon-to-be co-founder. Together, Kevin and Craig envisioned a world where faster formative teaching practices could replace traditional end-of-year summative assessments. After multiple research initiatives, prototypes and the help of countless individuals, Formative (goformative.com) was launched in January 2015.
Meet the Team
Working hard to ensure our students, teachers and schools grow
Andy Amin
Business Development Specialist
Who am I?Andy is a strategist that partners with others to help them solve problems and accomplish their goals. As an adventurer, I like to discover new people, places and cuisines.Why Formative?I strive to prepare our youth for a rapidly changing world. My hope is that students from different backgrounds will be able to develop skills and character traits for future employment and happiness.
Chris Zieba
Senior Engineer
Who am I?Chris is a man who loves to write code that solves problems people have on a day to day.Why Formative?To help teachers help their students
Craig Jones
Who am I?Craig is a family man, former science teacher and helpless fan of the Cincinnati Bengals. He enjoys bike riding and coding late into the night. Craig will always pick Michigan State to win the NCAA tournament.Why Formative?Education is the best way to close the opportunity gap and significant improvements will undeniably change the world for the better.
Dobes Vandermeer
Senior Engineer
Who am I?Dobes is a guy from Canada who helps make software, among other things.Why Formative?Fun, fame, and riches. Work with interesting people and make a difference in the world.
Jill Nyahay
Quality Manager
Who am I?Jill tries to be a good person. Every day she tries to be better and do for others. She loves her family and all animals. She volunteers with various groups to improve the environment, encourage civic engagement and help animals.Why Formative?I do what I do because I believe in the product, our team and I feel good about what I do.I help people.I think/ hope most people on the team feel similar.
JoAnna Augustine
Business Development Intern
Who am I?Jo is a strong independent woman with a passion for art and the beach. She's a mother and business owner.Why Formative?I believe in Formative and formative assessment and what the product does for students and educators.
Jonathan Bay
Business Development Specialist
Who am I?Jonathan is passionate about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology, and problem solving. He enjoys serving others, and has found his path assisting K-12 students and professionals with his passions.Why Formative?We are passionate about positively impacting the classroom because we are educators, parents, industry experts, and people with a vision. We know that nurturing the current generation will cultivate a better world. We sincerely believe Formative is the best resource to benefit students, teachers, and the K-12 community as a whole.
Jonathan Mann
Vice President of Sales & Success
Who am I?Jonathan is a life long learner that is passionate about helping others realize their full potential.Why Formative?To help students realize their full potential
Kevin McFarland
Who am I?Kevin is the product of a lot of loving people, trying to combine a grassroots work ethic with lofty aspirations.Why Formative?Anyone can improve the world in their own way; Improving education empowers entire generations to have that opportunity.
Nicole Stewart
Director of Success & Operations
Who am I?Nikki is an educator, driven individual, and roller skating extraordinaire.Why Formative?I do what I do because I was an educator for 16 years. I know the struggle of grading papers, returning scores, running interventions. We do what we do to help educators save time and be able to intervene when it matters the most...immediately.
Sarah McGull
Success Manager
Who am I?Sarah is a strong-willed, passionate educator and mom of three strong-willed independent girls.Why Formative?We do what we do so that Formative can continue to support student success.
Meet our Pioneers
Fostering collaboration amongst educators in our community
Lisa Scumpieru
10th Grade ELA Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Barry Desain
Instructional Tech Specialist
Who am I?Why Formative?
Andy Baumann
Middle School Spanish Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Jen Roberts
9th Grade ELA Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Omer Karabacak
ESL Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Joe Marquez
Tech Coach, Science Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Jordan Cambron
Instructional Support Specialist
Who am I?Why Formative?
Ashly Winkle
HSE and ABE Instructor, Tech Integration Coach
Who am I?Why Formative?
Sean Kendall
Personalized Learning Leader
Who am I?Why Formative?

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