12 Angry men ACT 1
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by Tricia Jackson
| 6 Questions
1 pt
Who is the defendant in the case and what crime? What specific instructions does the judge give the jurors before they go into the jury room?
1 pt
How might the Jury room, the time, and the weather affect the jurors? Which juror is particularly anxious to make a quick desicion? Why?
1 pt
What is the result of the First vote? Which juror seems least confident of his vote? What reasons does Juror Eight give for his vote? How do the others react to Eight statements?
1 pt
In discussing the facts of the case, what testimony from witnesses is mentioned by Three? by Ten? by Six? Do the comments about the defendant made by Seven, Three, and Four have any bearing on the case? Explain. How does FIve react to these comments.
1 pt
What was the defendant's testimony about the switch-knife? Why is the knife considered an important piece of evidence?
1 pt
How does the knife figure in the climax of Act one? Why might some of the jurors begin to have doubts after this point? How do you think Four, Three, Five, and Nine will vote on the second ballot? Give reasons for your answer.
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