Biomechanics 1 Chpt 3
by James Fitzpatrick
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
Biomech Chpt3
2 pts
Refer to image 1. Briefly explain 2 forces influencing the flight path of the ball
2 pts
Refer to image 2. Describe 2 ways the downhill skier is reducing friction.
2 pts
Refer to image 3. Explain the difference between the momentum and inertia of these kettlebells
3 pts
Refer to image 4 (tennis serve). Explain the general sequence of movements required to maximise the summation of momentum.
3 pts
Refer to image 5 in which a soccer player is trying to trap a ball. The soccer player is trying to change the momentum of the ball so that it doesn't bounce of his chest. Explain how he can achieve this by refering to a kinetic/biomechanical principle and it's formula.
2 pts
Refer to image 6. Explain how the gymnasts technique can be changed to increase their angular momentum. Refer to the kinetic/biomechanical formula.
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