Lesson 1: Landforms Review: Coach Practice Assessment
by Emily Biscoglia
| 4 Questions
Note from the author:
This formative goes with the 2018 Coach Practice Assessments
1 pt
What is weathering?
A) a force that pulls pieces of rcok downhill.
B) a process that builds up features on Earth's surface.
C) the picking up and moving of rock pieces from one place to another
D) the breaking down of rock into smaller pieces at or near the Earth's surface
1 pt
Which is one way that earthquakes change landforms?
A) They release ash and melted rock
B) The scrape away rocks on the Earth's surface
C) They cause cracks to form in the Earth's surface
D) They pick up weathered rock particles and move them
1 pt
When a galcier moves boulders over the land, this is an example of
A) erosion
B) eruption
C) weathering
1 pt
What causes water to flow downhill?
A) erosion
B) gravity
C) weathering
D) glaciers
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