This Land is Your Land
by Joelle Garcia
| 9 Questions
Note from the author:
Interpreting maps and their purposes
1 pt
What is the purpose of a physical map?
A Physical maps show the borders of a country.
B Physical maps show special populations in certain regions.
C Physical maps show the land with its special charateristics and landforms.
D Physical maps help us show our own physical features and how we are similar to others.
1 pt
What is the purpose of a political map?
A Political maps show regions and their political preferences
B Political maps show the boundaries and locations of countries, states, cities, towns and counties.
C Political maps show how poeple voted in past elections.
D Political maps will express the areas where people prefer to live.
1 pt
A compass rose is not always needed on a map.
1 pt
Which geographic formation would be found in the Western United States?
A The Gulf of Mexico
B The Rocky Mountains
C The Great Plains
D The Appalachian Mountains
1 pt
The above map is an example of a ________________________ map.
A Political
B Business
C Population
D Special purpose
1 pt
Longitude and latitude lines make up a ______________ system for identifying specific locations of places.
1 pt
Washington D.C. would be indicated on a map with which type of symbol?
1 pt
The map above shows that there is greater biodiversity in which area of the United States?
A The Applachain Mountain region.
B Near the Mississippi River.
C The Rocky Mountain region
D The Great Lakes.
1 pt
Which region of the United States has the fewest states?
A Southwest region
B Southeast region
C Northeast region
D West region
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