Regents Review
by Ernie Buonocore
| 3 Questions
A study of Rwanda and of Kashmir in the 1990s would lead to the conclusion that
(1) industrialization results in democratic systems
(2) economic cooperation evolves over time
(3) natural disasters have had negative impacts
(4) ethnic and religious tensions often lead to violence
Which statement best expresses the point of view shown in this cartoon?
(1) Cuba has made steady industrial progress in recent years.
(2) The leader of Cuba favors violence to obtain results.
(3) The revolution in Cuba has failed to help the economy.
(4) The Cuban government is encouraging an increase in automobile sales.
“Turkish Plan to Build Hydroelectric Dam on
Euphrates Fuels Tensions With Syria”
“Hunger Persists as African Drought Deepens”
“India’s Population Growth Strains Water Supply”

Which conclusion can best be drawn from this set of headlines?
(1) Hydroelectric dams provide a solution to growing power demands.
(2) Unchecked population growth strains worldwide food resources.
(3) Famine-related deaths require further study.
(4) Water scarcity is a major problem that needs to be solved.
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