Vocabulary Test List #9
by Cassandra Walker
| 14 Questions
Note from the author:
SAT prep words
7 pts
The way the child ____________ed around Rex gave me the impression that he had a fear of dogs.
A aghast
B assert
C disdain
D cower
Use the following words to assist you with the items below.
7 pts
People of all religions strive to live up to high moral and ___________ standards.
A ample
B addendum
C apparition
D ethical
7 pts
I hope he was just being __________ when he said that my dancing reminded him of a trained bear.
A disdain
B ethical
C facetious
D cower
7 pts
Most people never stop to consider the words that might one day appear as their own _________.
A epataph
B epitaph
C epetaf
D epetaph
7 pts
Since you were given ________ time to prepare your report, I can see no excuse for your failure to complete it.
A facetious
B assert
C ethical
D ample
7 pts
Observers on the ground were___________to see the rocket explode and plunge back to earth seconds after launch.
B facetious
C disdain
D agast
7 pts
The "ghostly figure" you think you saw in the graveyard was no more than a(n) __________created by your imagination.
A. epitaph
B. apparition
C. aparition
D. addendum
7 pts
Who woul be so proud or so foolish as to __________ a helping hand in time or real need?
A. cower
B. assert
C. disdain
D. disdane
7 pts
In answer to unfair criticisms, we proudly __________ that our family has always been generous in its aid to the needy.
A. disdained
B. cowered
C. asserted
D. aserted

7 pts
Notes from a rare interview were included as a(n) ______________ in the second edition of the comedians biography.
A, adendum
B. addendum
C. apparition
D. epitaph
In the next part of the test choose the word that is the same or most nearly the same in meaning as the word in all caps or expression in the phrase. Write the word! Spell it correctly! Use the following words as a word bank. A few of these words are not spelled correcrly! In order for you to receive credit you must type the word in spelled correctly!

10 pts
a letter that includes an ADDITION
7 pts
the clearest way to pronounce our freedom
7 pts
CRINGED as the tornado roared past
6 pts
terrified by spirits
Add to my formatives list

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