Shopping Trip: Percent Practice
by Abigail Williams
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
1 pt
The dress above is on sale at Kohl's for $21.99. The original price was $30.00. What is the percent change?
1 pt
Bridget paid $54.99 for these Converse sneakers that were on sale for 8% off of the original price. What was the original price?
1 pt
This Bluetooth speaker originally cost $110.95 but Wyatt was able to buy it for $99.99. What was the percent decrease in the cost?
1 pt
Margaret has a 25% off coupon and wants to buy these pants which cost $49.99. How much will she pay for the pants after the discount?
1 pt
Brooks paid $57.59 for the Captain America: Civil War Marvel Legends 3-pack Figures Set that was on sale for 20% off. What was the original price of the set?
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