Sources of Food
by Jayati Chakrabarty
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Note from the author:
Sources of food
The fuel our body needs to keep it working is called food.
The chemical substances present in the food that our body needs are called nutrients.
Foodes provide the following functions:
1.It provides energy for activities.
2.It helps in growth and healing.
3.It protects us from diseases.

The main sources are plants and animals
Green plants or Producers as they are called prepare their own food with the help of sunlight,water and carbondioxide
whereas animals depend directly or indirectly on plants for their food.
Food from plants:
Fruits like apple,mango
Stems like potato sugarcane
Seeds like wheat ,rice,pea
Leaves like spinach, cabbage
Roots like radish,carrot
Flowers like cauliflower,broccoli
Food from animals;
Milk,eggs, meat, honey
Classification of animals according to their food habits:
Herbivores:Plant eatinganimals with sharp teeth in plant and grinding teeth at back.For example cows,horses
Carnivores:Flesh eating animals with long sharp teeth like lion.Birds have strong pointed beaks ,snake have small teeth.
Omnivores;Both plant and flesh eating ,humans are the greatest example
Scavengers:Consume dead bodies
Parasites:Depend on other living organisms for their food for example,mosquitoes
A food chain shows how a living thing gets its food in a particular environment.It shows us the interdependance of
various organisms in the environment.
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