Awesome Assessment Tools
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by Ashly Winkle
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Note from the author:
Professional Development training on technology assessment tools.
Do the EdPuzzle lesson, then answer question 1.
Think about a lesson you have been thinking about doing or have already done. How might you use EdPuzzle in that lesson?
Review the slide show about Actively Learn, then answer question 2.
List at least three reasons to use Actively Learn in your instruction.
Read the article about "20 reasons to use Formative for awesome assessment", then answer question 3. If you have problems viewing the article below, you can go to the link instead.
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Check the five most likely ways you would use Formative.
create quizzes or assignments
ask quick questions on the fly
make an old assignment digital
draw answers to reading comprehension questions

assign a Formative quiz through Google Classroom
Let students review feedback
Make "circle the one that doesn't fit" questions
Make "finish the drawing" questions
Show understanding by creating a word web/semantic map
Discuss student work without showing names
Leave better substitute teacher lesson plans
Take a global poll
Do an assignment across every class
Flip your classroom
Gather ideas at a staff meeting
Deliver digital map quizzes
analyze a historic/current events photo or work of art

Analyize a reading passage an/or identify evidence
Imagine and illustrate a scene.

Analyze a video visually.
Watch the EdPuzzle video on Flipgrid.
Click on the green plus sign, allow camera and microphone and answer the question.
Read through the "What is Padlet?" Padlet.
Use the "plus" sign and share which assessment tool you want to try on the Padlet. If you have tried all of the ones included on this Formative, you are welcome to find or try one not listed that you are interested in trying. Here is a list of some possible assessment tools:

1. EdPuzzle:
2. Actively Learn:
3. Formative:
4. Flipgrid:
5. Padlet:
6. Quizizz:
7. Kahoot! :
8. Go Conqr:
9. Google Classroom:
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Play Quizizz using code 612296
Complete the evaluation form.
Add to my formatives list

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