Thunder Rose Reading Test
by Andy Snow
| 13 Questions
Note from the author:
Reading Street Story test
Why is Del upset with his mother at the beginning of the story?
A She forgot it was his birthday.
B She told him he had to make his own breakfast.
C She has grounded him.
D She won’t let him play soccer.
What is the cause of Del's being grounded for a whole week?
A He got a bad grade in math.
B He stayed out too late.
C He did not do his chores for several days.
D He didn’t let his parents know where he was going.
After Breakfast, Del goes
A to school.
B into the garden.
C to his room.
D to the basement.
What happens as a result of Del calling to his mother?
A Mr Lopez drops by to visit.
B His mother gets frightened.
C Del is grounded for a week.
D His mother comes out into the garden.
Why is Del's backyard full of butterflies?
A It's been a hot summer with lots of rain.
B Del's mother has planted flowers to attract butterflies.
C The insects are attracted to the color that the house is painted.
D His next-door neighbor studies insects.
Why does Mr. Lopez come to visit Del?
A He thinks that Del knocked down his bird feeder.
B He is tutoring Del in science.
C Del's mother asked him to talk to Del about butterflies.
D He wants to wish Del a happy birthday.
Del politely refuses Mr. Lopez’s offer of the kit for capturing butterflies because
A he does not want to hurt them.
B he strongly dislikes Mr. Lopez.
C his mother doesn’t want him to take it.
D he doesn’t think that Mr. Lopez is serious about his offer.
Which word best describes Del’s mother?
A sympathetic
B uncaring
C distracted
D selfish
Fresh Read for Fluency

Read the selection. Then answer the questions that follow

The Spider Tower

The Zuni people of the Southwest tell an ancient story about a spider who saved a hunter. The hunter was in the desert when suddenly a group of men from another tribe came upon him. They told him he could not hunt on their land, though the desert did not belong to anyone at that time. They chased him into a deep canyon. Outnumbered, the hunter did not want to argue. He looked for a way to escape. He came to a tall narrow pillar of rock. It rose hundreds of feet above the canyon floor like a tower. The hunter thought that the sides of the tower were too smooth to climb. As he got closer, he realized that a rope hung down from the top. As his pursuers drew near, the hunter grabbed the rope and climbed. When he reached the top, he gathered up the rope. The hunter was exhausted by the time he reached the summit of the tower. He collapsed and rested. He could hear the men below. Even when it sounded as if they’d left, he stayed for days, drinking rainwater and eating birds’ eggs. When he felt safe again and was about to leave, he suddenly wondered where the rope had come from. He followed it to a huge, strong spider web. In the center of the web sat the spider, who had seen his plight and saved him. The hunter thanked the spider and then used the rope to descend to the canyon floor and return home safely.

1 Why did the group of men chase the hunter into the canyon?
A They hoped to trap him there.
B They knew there was a tower there.
C They were afraid of him.
D They were lost.
2 Why did the hunter begin to wonder where the rope had come from?
F The rope started to move.
G He knew that no one had ever climbed the tower.
H He no longer had to worry about being pursued.
J The rope had mysteriously disappeared.
3 Which of the following characterizes the main conflict in this story?
A being allowed to hunt in the desert
B being able to climb a tall rock tower
C being able to survive on rainwater and birds’ eggs
D being allowed to meet the spider
4 Why did the hunter gather up the rope?
5 What is the most likely reason the hunter stayed on top of the tower for a few days?
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