Science Review
by Tiffany Pearson-Kilgore
| 20 Questions
1 pt
If I were to describe this rock's luster, what word could I use?
1 pt
Describe the following rock's luster, color, and texture.
1 pt
The harder the mineral, the easier it is to scratch.
1 pt
I am a type of soil that is sticky when wet, but clumpy when dry. I hold a large amount of water, so I'm not very good for growing plants. I have the smallest grain size, which is why I stick together so easily. What kind of soil am I?
A Silt
B Sand
C Loam
D Clay
1 pt
I am a type of soil that is good for growing plants. I have an even mixture of three of the main types of soil. I am dark colored. I contain humus, which includes a lot of nutrients for growing plants. What kind of soil am I?
A Sand
B Loam
C Clay
D Silt
1 pt
You go outside on a sunny day. You place objects around your yard- one in the shade, one in direct sunlight, and one in half sunlight, half shade. Which object will warm up the fastest?
1 pt
Bill is creating a project for his science class. It is going to be a container that holds water. He and his classmates are in a competition to see who's water will warm the fastest. In order for Bill's water to warm the fastest, what color would be best for him to paint his container?
A White
B Yellow
C Black
D Green
1 pt
Which tells why metal pans for cooking often have wooden handles?
A Metal heats more slowly than wood.
B Wood burns to make heat; metal does not.
C Metal becomes heavier as it is heated.
D Wood does not conduct heat as well as metal.
1 pt
Why is insulation installed between the walls of houses?
1 pt
How many regions of Georgia are there? Name as many as you can.
1 pt
What features does a mountain lion have that allows it to live in the Appalachian Plateau region of Georgia? Name at least two.
1 pt
Why can a sea turtle survive in the coastal plains region, but not in the piedmont region? Answer in at least two to three sentences.
1 pt
What is a fossil?
1 pt
Many fossils form when plants or animals are buried under __________. Over many years, ______________ is applied. Dissolved ___________ fill tiny spaces in the bones and the sediment turns to rock, while the bones become fossils.
A sediment; pressure; minerals
B rocks; pressure; rocks
C minerals; sediment; pressure
D fossils; pressure; water
1 pt
Are animal or plant fossils more common? Why?
1 pt
Trace fossils can help us discover...
A What animals ate
B If animals lived in groups
C The size of animals
D All of the above
1 pt
Name at least three things you can do to help stop pollution.
1 pt
What are some ways you can make your house energy efficient? Include at least three examples.
1 pt
Tonya sees exhaust coming out of a car's tailpipe. She is witnessing...
A Water pollution
B Air pollution
C Noise Pollution
D Land pollution
1 pt
In at least three sentences, describe what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
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