How to Google Search ...
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by Mariana Garcia-Serrato
| 12 Questions
Note from the author:
Created this formative for students to practice more efficient Google searching. While it does not include Boolean operators or usage rights, it provides an overview of some of the basic search functions that my students often forget about while doing online research.
For each of the questions below, take a screenshot of your search results, and upload it.
1 pt
Perform an exact phrase search of "this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning".
Upload ascreenshot of your search results and then type the answer to:
According to the results, who said it?
1 pt
You want to make a report on trains. A simple Google search comes up with hits that include all sorts of music bands (try it!). Perform a search for train but EXCLUDE music.
1 pt
Use reverse image search to find out what this is. Bonus points if your answer includes the author of the picture

1 pt
Search for Voyager. Return ONLY the answers within
1 pt
Search for sites that are similar (related to)
1 pt
Search for the cached version of If you cannot find it, search for the cached version of your own blog.
1 pt
Seach for a pdf on the solar system
1 pt
Seach for a slide deck (PPT) about photosynthesis
1 pt
Seach for a document (DOC) about Mesopotamia
1 pt
Search for webpages that contain Chemistry in the title
Challenge: Handy infographic that can help for this.
1 pt
Use Google Scholar to find an article (pdf) on Evolution, written by T Lenormand. Once you have your search, click on the " on Google Scholar to open the different citation formats. Take a screenshot of the result and upload it
1 pt
Open the article that you "cited" above. Use Ctrl F to find the word evolution in this piece. How many times did he use it?
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