Spindletop Text
by Linda Deforest
| 4 Questions
Which best describes what the second paragraph on page 419 is mostly about?
A) The geyser produced 100,000 barrels per day.
B) Lucas' team drilled down 1,139 feet.
C) Lucas' team found a lot of oil in what became known as the Lucas Geyser
D) Many of the oil fields in Texas were not production much oil.
What is the main idea of Spindletop
A) Patillo Higgens looked for help in 1892 to drill oil in Texas
B) The Lucas Geyser blew 150 feet into the air.
C) Beaumont was the first oil boomtown.
D) The discovery of oil in 1901 led to the growth of the oil industry in Texas.
What does the word swelled on pg. 420 mean?
A) shrank
B) grew
C) decreased
D) sank
Which sentence best supports the idea that Beaumont was growing?
A) Spindletop is known as the birthplace of the modern industry.
B) He drilled near Beaumont, Texas in an area called Sindletop Hill.
C) Lucas escorted businessmen to Beaumont, hoping that they would invest as well.
D) Its population of 10,000 tripled in three months, and eventually swelled to 50,000.
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