Plant Life Cycles
by Lisa Wilson
| 10 Questions
1 pt
What does a seed hold? Check all of the answers that apply.
A The first roots.
B The first dirt.
C The first stem.
D The first leaves.
1 pt
On page 8 the author tells you that some plant begin from a bulb. A bulb is like a ....
A flower
B seed
C leaf
D root
1 pt
How are seeds and bulbs similar (the same)?
A People need them.
B A tree grows from them.
C Animals eat them.
D Stems, roots and leaves start in them.
1 pt
Why do roots grow down? see page 10 and 11 in the book
A To make a strong base.
B They like the dark.
C They do not like the sun.
D They are worms.
1 pt
What text features do you see on pages 4 and 5? Check ALL that apply.
A bolded words.
B photographs
C table of contents
D caption
1 pt
What does a shoot become? Don't forget to look in the book!
1 pt
What 3 things does a plant need to make food?
A snow
B water
C air
D sunlight
1 pt
On Page 19, the caption tells you how dandelion seeds can move. How can they move?
A They are planted.
B The wind blows.
C An animal carries them away.
1 pt
On pages 20 and 21 a diagram tells you the life cycle of an Oak Tree. What will happen after A young tree grows?
1 pt
What is another question you have about a plants life cycle?
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