by Nicole Valenti
| 10 Questions
1 pt
Who was the narrator of the story?
A Nannin, or Cendrillon's god mother
B Cendrillon
C Paul
D Madame or Vitaline
1 pt
Why did Cendrillon NOT want to look pretty in front of the prince like she did at the ball?
1 pt
How did the story's narrator get the magic wand?
1 pt
What keeps Nannin (the god mother) from using the wand to change her own unhappy childhood?
1 pt
Cendrillon wore elegant pink slippers to the ball. Which choice below has the same meaning as elegant?
A stylish and graceful
B easely damaged
C made by hand
D made of glass
1 pt
"Even Cendrillon's stepmother and sister did not recognize the two of us, though they peered crossly at us." What does the word crossly mean?
A in a frightened way
B in a curious way
C in a grumpy way
D in a friendly way
1 pt
The author compared Vitaline's toes to...
A lizards
B pillows
C codfish
D sausages
1 pt
How would the story have been different if Cendrillon had left the ball on time?
1 pt
Why do you think the Cinderella story, in all its different versions, is so popular all over the world?
1 pt
Compare and Contrast Cinderella and Cendrillon with 3 or more similarities and 3 or more differences.
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