Behavioral Adaptations
by Liz Dilworth
| 4 Questions
Note from the author:
checkpoint on behavioral adaptations
1 pt
A dog sits near his owner and begs for food at the dinner table. Is this behavior instinctive or learned?
1 pt
Which of the following are behavioral adaptations?
Baby sea turtles crawling toward the ocean when they are born.
A baby deer blending in with its surroundings because of its brown spotted fur.
Tigers play fighting to practice their hunting skills.
Hermit crabs finding a new shell when they outgrow their old one.
1 pt
Humpback whales migrate south in the winter. Imagine that one whale decides not to migrate, and stays in the north through the winter. What would happen to this whale? Why?
1 pt
Tell two things you learned about behavioral adaptations.
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