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Today we're going to learn a little bit about Quadrilaterals! First of all, can you answer the following question: How many wheels does a tricycle have?

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Ok smarty pants, well how many sides does triangle have?

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How many wheels does a quad-bike, as shown above, have?

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Sooooo, how many sides do you think a quadrilateral have?

Nice! You're catching on quickly! The force is strong with you! Now, please watch the following video AT LEAST one full time, if not a few times. It will give you a good idea about specific types of quadrilaterals, and their characteristics.

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You do not want to miss this next video. It's LIT!!!!

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Complete this practice sheet to sharpen your skillz!

Identifying Quadrilaterals

Pssst!! Have you written anything down in your notebook? Did you take notes while watching the video or completing the practice sheet? If you didn't, why don't you take a second and write down all the different shapes your just heard about. Write one quick characteristic about each one as well! That's good note taking!!

Finished with the lesson and the notes!
Finished with the lesson but no notes...
Finished with the notes but not the lesson...
Didn't do anything...
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After watching the short video above, try the following lesson!

Classify Quadrilaterals

Not done
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In that camp song from earlier, you learned how many total degrees make up a quadrilateral. How many is it?

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Knowing what you know about quadrilaterals, solve for x in the picture above.

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How did you solve for x above? Give a brief overview of your thought process.

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Classify the quadrilateral above. Be as specific as possible.

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If one angle of the parallelogram above is 70º, find the degrees in the remaining 3 angles.

70, 70, 70
20, 20, 70
70, 110,110
70, 120, 120
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Briefly explain how you reached your answer for question 11.

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Three angles of the quadrilateral above measure 89º, 94º, and 140º. What is the measure of the fourth angle?

The last kind of quadrilateral we're going to study is called the Kite! Watch the following video for more information about what constitutes a Kite!

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In your own words, briefly explain what makes a kite different from the other 4-sided shapes we have studied. (Psst! Maybe write some of this in your notebook too!)

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Let's do one last quick lesson about Quadrilaterals before the formative! Here we go!

Quadrilateral Types

Finito! With 100% correct!
Not finito
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Look at the picture of the bottom of a door above. The dashed line shows how you cut the bottof off of the rectangular door so that it opens more easily.

What is the new shape of the door?

1 pt

What is the new angle of the bottom left side of the door?

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Consider the parallelogram above. What is the value of x?

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What is the value of y?

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Can you make a rule about opposite angles of a parallelogram?

1 pt

What is the measure of the angle at the tail end of the kite?

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