5.10 Multi-step word problem
by Samantha Muller
| 3 Questions
Note from the author:
Problem of the Days from ConnectEd McGraw-Hill
Show your work for the problem below.
Jenna hiked 2.8 miles on Day 1 and 3 times as far on Day 2. On Day 3, she hiked one half as far as on Day 2. On the last day, she hiked the same distance as she did on Day 2. How far did she hike in all?
Explain how you got your answer for the question below.
Half of the 16 students in Mr. Moser’s class have pets. Half of the students with pets have dogs. Half of the students with dogs also have fish. How many students have fish?
Solo- Show your work for your answer
Solana earns $6 an hour for babysitting. She babysits 9 hours each week. At this rate, how many weeks will it take Solana to earn $300?
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