MARIGOLDS summative assessment
by Theo Oakley
| 14 Questions
Note from the author:
1 pt
The families in Lizabeth's community are
A poor
B violent
C hopeful
D isolated
1 pt
Why do the children hate the marigolds at Miss. Lottie's house?
A Miss Lottie has a nicer home than they do.
B The flowers prove that Miss Lottie has a lot of money.
C Miss Lottie expects the children to weed her garden
D The flowers do not fit in their cheerless, hopeless lives.
1 pt
Which event leads Lizabeth to destroy Miss Lottie's marigolds?
A She has an argument with her younger brother and he hurts Lizabeth's feelings.
B Miss Lottie throws a can at Lizabeth
C She hears her father cry over his lack of a job.
D Her mother works late and misses dinner.
1 pt
What do the marigolds symbolize, or stand for, in the story?
A the characters' hopelessness about their futures
B the chance for beauty amid an ugly situation
C Lizabeth's growth over the course of the story
D Miss Lottie's love for her home and her son
1 pt
The narrator says that the destruction of Miss Lottie's flowers mark the end of
A Miss Lottie's life
B summer vacation
C the families poverty
D Lizbath's childhood
1 pt
What does bravado mean?
A sincere fear
B great strength
C genuine belief
D false courage
1 pt
Someone who feels exuberance is
A joyful
B patient
C proud
D determined
1 pt
Squalor means a
A dangerous place
B hopeess feeling
C scary situation
D shabby condition
1 pt
What is degradation?
A rejection
B potential
C humiliation
D understanding
1 pt
Stoicism is a
A loss of innocence
B willingness to destroy
C lack of emotion
D bitter argument
1 pt
The author, Collier, creates a particular mood for the story right from the start using setting, tone, dictation, and theme. Which most nearly reflects the mood of "Marigolds"?
A dry as dust
B remarkabuly dull
C somber and reflective
D mildly hopeful
1 pt
The narrator describes her commuity's circumstances metaphorically. She compares the poverty with...
A an anchor tht is wedged between large stones
B a culturally deprived person
C a cage in which they were all trapped
D zoo-bred flamingos, which nature created to fly
1 pt
The author describes Miss Lottie's house in great detail to create an overall sense of...
A mystery and menace
B discust and revulsion
C rot and decay
D witchcraft and spells
1 pt
After Lizabeth (with the other children) runs away from Miss Lottie, Lizabeth...
A reveals in her triumph
B regrets what she has done and feels shame
C immediatly begins to plan another attack
D returns to Miss Lottie's alone and offers an apology
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