Making Inferences Preassessment
by Miriam Gonzalez
| 10 Questions
Turner almost wished that he hadn’t listened to the radio. He went to the closet and grabbed his umbrella. He would feel silly carrying it to the bus stop on such a sunny morning.

Which inference can you make based on the clues in the reading?
A. Turner realized that he had an unnatural fear of falling radio parts.
B. Turner had promised himself to do something silly that morning.
C. Turner had heard a weather forecast that predicted rain.
D. Turner planned to trade his umbrella for a bus ride.
When Joseph walked into the kitchen, he saw muddy paw prints on the floor. His mother's wet coat was hanging on a chair. Below the coat he spotted his mother's rubber shoes. Joseph looked for his dog, Riley. He found Riley, who was soaking wet, lying on the couch panting.

Joseph can infer that...
A. his mother gave Riley a bath.
B. Riley played in the yard during a rainstorm.
C. Riley dragged the coat outside.
D. his mother took Riley for a walk in the rain.
Kayla made a steak dinner for her family. Her mom and dad each ate two full steaks and had large helpings of mashed potatoes. When the meal was over, everyone's plate was empty.

Kayla can infer that...
A. her family enjoyed the meal.
B. the steak was too well done.
C. a steak dinner is an easy meal to make.
D. there will be lots of leftovers.
Alexander arrived at his grandmother's house at ten o'clock at night. He saw her car in the driveway and the front door was open. The window was lit with a blue-flickering light.

Alexander can infer that...
A. his grandmother was reading a book.
B. his grandmother was not home.
C. his grandmother was watching television.
D. his grandmother was sleeping.
Avery watched as her new next-door neighbors moved in. She observed a tall man carrying a bicycle and a kayak into the garage. She also saw a young woman carrying a surfboard through the front door.

Avery can infer that...
A. her new neighbors are elderly.
B. her new neighbors have several children.
C. her new neighbors like to spend time outdoors.
D. her new neighbors are kind and generous.
You are at Wal Mart. As you are walking down the candy aisle, you notice a little boy crying and pulling on his mom's skirt as she pushes her cart towards the front of the store. The closer she gets towards the front of the store, the louder the little boy screams.

Lots of things could be wrong with the little boy, BUT we can probably conclude that
A. The little boy is very tired.
B. The little boy is hungry.
C. He wants candy, and his mom said no.
D. He wants his father.
You are at the doctor's office to get a shot. There are many children of all ages waiting their turn to see the doctor. That same little boy you saw at Wal Mart is sitting on his mother's lap screaming his head off just like he did in the candy aisle. No matter what she does, he will not stop.

What can you conclude this time?
A. He is still angry about not getting the candy.
B. He has an earache.
C. He is scared because he is there for a shot.
D. There are not enough clues to draw a conclusion.
“Larry, as your boss, I must say it’s been very interesting working with you,” Miss Valdez said. “However, it seems that our company’s needs and your performance style are not well matched. Therefore, it makes me very sad to have to ask you to resign your position effective today.”

What was Miss Valdez telling Larry?
A. She would feel really bad if he decided to quit.
B. He was being fired.
C. He was getting a raise in pay.
D. She really enjoyed having him in the office.
Bill and Jessica were almost done taking turns choosing the players for their kickball teams that day at recess. It was Jessica’s turn to choose, and only Kurt was left. She took a deep breath and said, “Kurt.”

Based on the fact that Kurt was left at the end as the last choice, we can infer that ________.
A. Kurt is not a very good player.
B. Jessica was pleased to have Kurt on her team.
C. Kurt was the best player on either team.
D. Jessica was inconsiderate of Kurt’s feelings.
One of the rarest animals in the world is the Tasmanian Devil. I'm not talking about the one you see in cartoons, but the real wolf-like animal that lives on the island of Tasmania.
Every few years someone claims to see one, but they never have proof. A few years ago, some scientists who were studying plants found a skeleton, teeth and some skin in a remote area of Tasmania. They were excited as they believed they had found the remains of the rare Tasmanian Devil. They drew a picture of what they thought the animal may have looked like when it was alive. The scientists then sent the picture along with the skeleton, teeth and skin to Washington D.C.

What did the scientists probably do with the skeleton, teeth and bones?
A. Sent them to a country with more experienced scientists.
B. Made clothing, jewelry, and other ornaments out of them.
C. Studied them carefully and compared them to other animals.
D. Sold them to museums that displayed them.
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