Bean plant investigation
by Diana Goodrich
| 8 Questions
1 pt
Do plants with some sun grow slower?
A no, only in the beginning, after they sprouted, they grew the same.
B yes, they had more water but sun was more inportant.
C yes, they took three days to break open and grow a root system
D no, they seemed to grow about the same.

1 pt
Explain what things the plant needs to grow and which are most important.
1 pt
Draw your favorite stage during the two growing weeks.
1 pt
What happens to the seed coat?
A The seed breaks it open and it falls off
B It grows up with the seed.
C Birds eat it.
D the seed breaks it open and the wind takes it.
1 pt
Draw a mature bean plant. how does it grow?
1 pt
Remember the video showing a lant growing? how long did it take to get to be a small tree?
1 pt
Root systems always grow down because they are searching for water.
1 pt
What will happen if you soak a bean over night and cut it open?
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