See - Think - Wonder
by Niko Lewman
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Note from the author:

See Think Wonder

A routine for exploring works of art and other interesting things
Purpose: What kind of thinking does this routine encourage? This routine encourages students to make careful observations and thoughtful interpretations. It helps stimulate curiosity and sets the stage for inquiry.
Application: When and Where can it be used? Use this routine when you want students to think carefully about why something looks the way it does or is the way it is. Use the routine at the beginning of a new unit to motivate stu-dent interest or try it with an object that connects to a topic during the unit of study. Consider using the routine with an interesting object near the end of a unit to encourage students to further apply their new knowledge and ideas.
The routine works best when a student responds by using the three stems together at the same time,
i.e., "I see..., I think..., I wonder...." However, you may find that students begin by using one stem at a time, and that you need to scaffold each response with a follow up question for the next stem.
Look at the work of art for a moment.
What do you see?
What do you think about what you see?
What do you wonder about?

After you have formed your ideas you may write them in the box below
I See, I Think, I Wonder

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