Tupac: Dear Mama
by Gretchen Goldston
| 7 Questions
1 pt
What is the speakers attitude towards his mother?
A. Appreciative
B. Jealous
C. Happiness
D. Sympathetic
1 pt
What is your favorite line from the song and why?
1 pt
What do you think Tupac is trying to do? What line from the song makes you think that?
1 pt
What picture does " And who'd think in elementary, hey I'd see the penitentiary one day? And runnin' from the police, that's right Mama catch me, put a whoopin' to my backside" put in your head? Use words to describe.
1 pt
Draw me ONE picture that you visualize through this song
1 pt
Why does Tupac use the metaphor " And even as a crack fiend, Mama. You always was a black queen, Mama"
What is he comparing? How does this describe Tupacs feeling towards his mother.
1 pt
What phrase does Tupac continue to repeat? Why does he do that?
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