The Giver Quiz
by Dana Bekebrede
| 12 Questions
1 pt
How does Jonas keep the planes from noticing him and Gabriel?
A He transfers the memory of cold
B He transfers the memory of heat
C He transfers the memory of animals
D He hides in a tree
1 pt
What is Gabriel's comfort object?
A a blanket
B a stuffed bear
C a stuffed hippo
D a stuffed elephant
1 pt
Who is Rosemary?
A Jonas' crush
B Jonas' Mother
C The Giver's Daughter
D The leader of The Community
5 pts
What does Jonas' father do as a Nurturer? What is ironic about his job title?
5 pts
What is it that makes Jonas so upset that he decides to run away with Gabriel?
2 pts
What is the first memory that Jonas receives?
1 pt
What is Jonas allowed to do that no one else is?
A Lie
B Go outside the community
C Choose who he wants to marry
D Eat extra dessert
1 pt
How did Jonas feel before the Ceremony of Twelve?
A excited
B anxious
C apprehensive
D enthusiastic
10 pts
Which are the elements of a DYSTOPIAN society?
Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society
Information, independent thought, and freedom are restricted
Citizens are dehumanized or abused
The society is the illusion of a perfect world.
Citizens are encouraged to think for themselves
Citizens have rights
Citizens are allowed to choose who they marry
individuality is repressed.
Citizens are under constant surveillance
Individuality is encouraged
Citizens have a fear of the outside world / the natural world is distrusted
There is peace because it is a perfect world
Citizens have freedom to go where they want to
Citizens have choices
A figurehead (or concept) is worshipped by citizens
5 pts
What does Jonas' family do at the end of every meal?
10 pts
The Giver believes that without "sameness" people may make the wrong choices. What do you think about this? Are there times when not having a choice is good? Why or why not?

20 pts
Choose one theme in The Giver that we discussed as a class. Write a paragraph explaining how that theme appears in the novel and cite evidence to support your claim.

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