Advertisement Analysis Paper: Steps 1 & 2 (Background Info)
by Claire Doyle
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Note from the author:
This Formative guides the students through choosing their ads and finding correct citation information.
Step 1.
Choose an ad to work with and write about. Mrs. Doyle has collected some for you below.

You may also choose your own ad. If you are choosing your own, show it to one of us (your English teachers), so we can make sure it will work for this paper.
Paste the URL of your ad here.

Here's the ad that Mrs. Doyle is using for her paper. You may not use this one.
Step 2. Collect background information for your introduction paragraph and Works Cited list.
The name of the product being sold:
The name of the company that makes the product:

(Sometimes you will have to do a little research to find this.)
The title of the ad:

(It's usually in the YouTube video title or in the description. If none is given, create your own.)

Mrs. Doyle's ad is called "The City."
The year the ad aired:

(It's usually in the description of the video.)
Write a two or three sentence summary of the ad for your introduction paragraph. Use complete sentences.

(Think about how you would describe the ad to someone who has never seen it.)

Example: "The City" tells the story of two young lovers meeting in a crowded city street. As they use their phones to take each other's pictures, the crowds around them disappear. The ad follows the lovers through their date, showing them splashing in puddles, making each other laugh, and generally having fun. Walter Martin's gentle folk song "Sing To Me" plays in the background.

Write the full MLA citation for your ad. (It will probaby be a citation of a Youtube video.) Eventually, it will go in the Works Cited section at the end of your paper.

Format it this way:

Author of content. "Name of Video." YouTube,  Name of uploader, Date of post, URL.

Example using Mrs. Doyle's ad:

Apple. "iPhone 7 Plus--The City." YouTube, Apple, 1 May 2017,


The author will usually be the company who makes the product being advertised.

The second line should be indented.

The dates are in day, month, year order.  Do not abbreviate May, June, and July.  Abbreviate September as Sept (without a period after it). Abbreviate all other months to the first three letters.   Do not put a period after the abbreviation.
Write the parenthetical citation you will use when you refer to your ad in the body of your paper.

Unless you have another author for your ad, use the company's name, like this: (Apple).

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