Writing Workshop - Gilbert Grape
by Rachel Bohni
| 2 Questions
Note from the author:
Modelling writing types - Gilbert Grape focus
The intention of this Learning Task is to help you work out different types of writing styles. Depending on whether a text is informative, or persuasive, or descriptive, or a combination of many styles, the writer has made many choices about the language he or she uses.
In this task, you will look at some short pieces of writing about the topic of 'family', and consider the language used by the writer. You will also compose your own short piece of writing, using a template as a guide, to write from a character's perspective.
The image above includes 3 different types of writing: persuasive, informative, and descriptive.
Discuss the styles of each piece.
In the answer box below, type in an short example of each of the following types of writing.
After each one, explain why it's an example of this type of writing.
1) Persuasive
2) Informative
3) Descriptive
Put yourself in Gilbert’s shoes. Imagine what he might feel about the word 'family'?
Using the template below, compose an informative piece on family from Gilbert's perspective.
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