Summer Math Pre/Post Test Place Value Application
by abdurrabb watkins
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
This assesses students' ability to solve multi-step word problems using knowledge of place value.
The GameStop in Greenville has 12,700 games. The GameStop in Easley has 10 times as many games. How many games does the Easley GameStop have?
There are about thirty-­two thousand soccer fields in America and about seven hundred three thousand soccer fields in Mexico. About how many soccer fields are there in total?
Cardi B bought a new house, a new car, and a new boat when her album went platinum. The house cost $899,000. The car cost $90,780. The boat cost $120,619. About how much money did she spend on the three items?
According to NASA, 42,619 space objects entered Earth’s atmosphere in 2015. In 2016, three thousand more space objects entered Earth’s atmosphere than in 2015. In 2017, one thousand fewer space objects entered Earth’s atmosphere than in 2016. How many space objects entered Earth’s atmosphere in 2017?
Messi kept track of the calories he burned in his final 3 weeks of training for the World Cup. The first week, she burned 120,110 calories, the second week 140,200 calories, and the third week 110,923 calories. About how many calories did Messi burn altogether? Which of these estimates will produce a more accurate answer: rounding to the nearest thousand or rounding to the nearest ten thousand? Explain.
The dance team raised a total of $244,687 in June and $61,126 more in July than in June. How much money did they raise in July? Draw a tape diagram and write your answer in a complete sentence.
Goku’s power level was 8,849 when his brother visited in January. Vegita’s power level was 2,263 more than Goku’s at this time. What was their total power level combined? Explain how you would check the reasonableness of your answer.
In one year, the McDonalds bought 55,406 pounds of beef. That amount was 10 times the amount of chicken purchased in the month of July. How much chicken was purchased in July? Bonus: If customers ate 1,242 pounds of the chicken, how much chicken was left?
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