Tom Sawyer Vocabulary
by Hilary Taylor
| 25 Questions
Note from the author:
Vocabulary words from Adventures of Tom Sawyer
anatomy apprehensively beguiled despair loathe perplexed reluctant turmoil wily apprehension

chronic conspicuous frivolous notoriety ominous repentant vindictive apathy boundless insignificance

insipid sentry subdued tedious threadbare windfall
1 pt
I wondered about the ____________ of the building because it was such a unique design.
1 pt
When he saw her from across the room he was ___________ by her beauty.
1 pt
When Josh went home and told him mom about the speeding ticket he got, he was ____________ and promised to work to pay the ticket.
1 pt
After his uncle passed away he came into a sudden ____________ due to his inheritance.
1 pt
Because the girl was new to the school she ___________ approached a group of girls during lunch.
1 pt
Knowing that her dog was going to die she felt a great sense of _____________.
1 pt
Many people feel that buying lottery tickets is a _________________ way to spend money.
1 pt
Because I'm not good at math I was completely ___________ by this new chapter in Algebra.
1 pt
Scraping the old paint off the table was very time consuming and ____________ work.
1 pt
We were not surprised when my little brother ran off to hide. He was such a __________ kid always pulling pranks.
1 pt
Many fights at school start because when someone feels wronged they become _____________ and want to get even.
1 pt
A teacher can only teach what a student is willing to learn. Because of this, _____________ towards school is a teacher's largest challenge to overcome.
1 pt
Since Joy is scared of the dark, she entered the basement with great _____________.
1 pt
I like most foods, but I absolutely __________ liver and onions.
1 pt
When Aaron was placed on the FBI's ten most wanted list for murder he gained sudden ____________ all over the world.
1 pt
While we were on the cruise ship we looked out over the _________ ocean with awe.
1 pt
The king placed an extra _________ outside the queen's chambers because there was a threat on her life.
1 pt
I hate attending those __________ meetings. I have better things to do with my time.
1 pt
After dealing with _________ back pain for years, my mother finally went to the doctor.
1 pt
A penny has such little ___________________ that many people don't even stop to pick them up off the ground.
1 pt
The lightening made the graveyard seem even more __________ than it usually was at night.
1 pt
Katie was very shy so she was ______________ to raise her hand to ask questions in class.
1 pt
After the teacher called his mom for disrupting class he was much more __________.
1 pt
During the Great Depression many children wore _______ clothes. The clothes had been handed down from older siblings, and there wasn't money to buy new things.
1 pt
A divorce causes great ______ in a family.
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