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Note from the author:
Reading Comprehension passages with corresponding questions.
Sandy and Jamie are best friends. They love to run and play all day. Their favorite game is "King of the Sandpile." Sandy sits at the top of the pile and waits for Jamie to come running up. She bites at Jamie's tail until they both go tumbling down to the bottom of the pile.
When they get too hot, they crawl under their owner's truck and take a nap. When their owner's workday is over, Sandy and Jamie go home with him. They eat dinner, and then Sandy and Jamie take a bath.
Sandy and Jamie are:
A children
B horses
C hamsters
D dogs
Why do they crawl under the truck?
A They are playing a game.
B They are trying to hide from their owner.
C They want to cool off because they are hot.
D They are sleepy.
Which word means the same as "tumbling?"
A eating
B falling
C playing
D sleeping
Why do Sandy and Jamie need a bath?
A They are happy.
B They are dirty.
C They are hungry.
D They are sleepy.

It bit me on the arm,
Ouch! It bit me on the leg.
I'm tired of swatting at it,
Do I have to beg?

Here it comes again,
This time for my ear.
I really don't like this bug,
Its bite I really fear.

Okay -- I'm ready now,
Covered in tons of clothes.
There's nowhere left to bite,
Oops -- I forgot my nose!
This poem is about:
A an ant
B a dog
C a mosquito
D a snake
Which sentence tells about the person in the poem?
A He doesn't like the pest.
B He wants the pest to bite him.
C He likes the pest.
D He is not afraid of the pest.
Which word means the same as "swatting?"
A looking
B pointing
C yelling
D hitting
Where did the pest finally bite the person in the poem?
A on the nose
B on the finger
C on the leg
D on the foot
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