On-Demand Opinion Writing
by Baylie Zimmerman
| 2 Questions
Think of a topic or issue that you know and care about, an issue around which you have strong feelings. You will have 45 minutes to write an opinion or argument text in which you will write your opinion or claim and tell reasons why you feel that way. When you do this, draw on everything you know about essays, persuasive letters, and reviews. If you want to find and use information from a book or another outside source, you may. Please keep in mind that you’ll have 45 minutes to complete this, so you will need to plan, draft, revise and edit in one sitting.

In your writing, make sure you:
· Write an introduction
· State your opinion or claim
· Give reasons and evidence
· Organize your writing
· Acknowledge counterclaims
· Use transition words
· Write a conclusion

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