Area - Intro
by Kim Gray
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
G5 Math
1 pt
Area is the number of ________________________________ it takes to cover a surface.
1 pt
Which is NOT a key word for area?
A square units
B cover
C around
1 pt
To find the area of a rectangle you must ...
A add length and width
B multiply length by width
C add all the sides
1 pt
Find the area of the above rectangle.
A 40 cm squared
B 13 cm
C 26 cm
D 1600 cm squared
1 pt
The area of the above square is __________________.
A 20 meters squared
B 20 meters
C 25 meters
D 25 meters squared
1 pt
Destiny was putting new carpet in her room.
She measured the width, and it was 12 feet.
The length was 10 feet.
How much carpet did Sophia need to cover the room?

Hint: Look for key words and/or draw a picture.
1 pt
Keisaun was covering a square bulletin board with paper.
One side of the bulletin board measure 3 feet.
How much paper did he need?

Hint: Look for key words and/or draw a picture.
1 pt
Syrinus and Natalia were filling the garden with dirt.
The area of the garden is 30 feet.
If the length of the garden is 6 feet, what is the width?

Hint: Look for key words and/or draw a picture.
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