Form 4 multiple choice ( narinesingh practice test 1 )
| 10 Questions
1 pt
The year's statistics show that the outbreaks of Dengue fever were sporadic
A widespread
B minimal
C destructive
D isolated
1 pt
As I listen to you I know your speech today will pacify workers
A soothe
B depress
C provoke
D calm
1 pt
See how her face looks sallow in the morning sun
A pale
B cheerful
C ruddy
D sick
1 pt
The judge seemed reluctant to dismiss the case against the young offender
A curious
B willing
C decisive
D pleased
1 pt
Do you think Pete seemed curious when we discussed our journey with his?
A disturbed
B indifferent
C uneasy
D dazed
1 pt
The fatal accident was probably due to the damaged road and not necessarily to the driver's carelessness
A The damaged road caused the fatal accident
B The accident was caused more than the damage on the road than by the careless accident
C The accident which occurred on the damaged road was in no way connected to the careless driving
D The fatal accidbt was caused not necessarily by careless driving but propbaly because of the damaged road
1 pt
As a child i showed a keen interest in gardening , since my aunt kept a beautiful garden
A Because my aunt kept a beautiful garden, I became fascinated with gardening since childhood
BI wanted to make my own garden since my aunt taught me to rear flowers
C Because of my interest in gardening, I cultivated a beautiful garden
D My aunt's love of gardening inspired me to love it also
1 pt
The teacher cannot be expected to supervise the children and also attend to the renovation of the library
A It is impossible for the teacher to supervise the children and also attend to the renovation of the library
B The teacher should not be given the responsibilty of renovating the library
C One should not expect the teacher to supervise the children and attend to the renovation of the library at the same time
D It is either that the teacher supervise the children or attend to renovation of the library
1 pt
The principal promised to grant a holiday if the school improved in its examination results
A A holiday would be given if children succeeded in their examinations
B The principal promised to recompense students with a holiday if the results of examination imporved
C A holiday was promised by the principal after the results are out
D If the examination results are poor, the principal will have no choice but to withdraw his promise
1 pt
People who either slaughter animals every day either for food or for religion should be condemned foe their actions
A People slaughter animals every day for food because they love to eat flesh
B Many organizations condemn the slaughter of animals by man
C Slaughtering animals either for food or or religion ias an act that should be condemned
D People who slaughter animals should be condemned and penalized
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