Formative Assessment 2
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
Vocabular, figurative language, and character analysis
1 pt
What is the meaning of the bold word in the sentence below?
It was so cold I began to quiver.
1 pt
My tooth was ________ so I didn’t want to eat an apple.
A. lose
B. loose
Use these words to complete the sentences below.

house moose desert
mouse child horse
1 pt
My little baby brother is as small as a ____________.
1 pt
Before breakfas, I was as hungry as a _____________.
1 pt
What makes Peter turn around?What makes Peter turn around?
A. His aunt beep the horn when she arrives.
B. His aunt calls him ”Petey”.
C. His aunt hugs him hard.His aunt hugs him hard.
D. His aunt gets lipstick on him.His aunt gets lipstick on him.
1 pt
Based on the passage, how does Peter feel about his aunt?
A. He likes her, but he does not like the name she calls him.
B. He does not like her at all.He does not like her at all.
C. She is his favorite aunt.
D. He thinks she is very funny.
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