Unit 5 Lesson 4: The Dust Bowl
by Jason Clark
| 15 Questions
Note from the author:
McGraw Hill - Imagine It - 4th grade
10 pts
An 'era' is
a machine.
a road.
a period of history.
a large wheat field.
10 pts
The item was in high 'demand'. This means people
were tired of the item.
could not afford the item.
could not sell the item.
really wanted the item.
10 pts
Homeless families camped out by the roadsides and irrigation 'ditches.' 'Ditches' are
fields with crops.
forests with mostly older trees.
channels for water.
large barns.
10 pts
Camps gave migrants a place where they could feel safe from unfriendly 'locals'. What are 'locals?'
people who have lived in a place for a long time
fierce and dangerous bears
farm bosses
border officers
10 pts
If I am 'desperate' for a cookie, that means that
one more cookie will make me sick.
I'm in great need of one.
I don't like cookies at all.
I dreamed about a cookie last night.
10 pts
Which of these states was NOT part of the Dust Bowl?
10 pts
How was the soil on the Great Plains like chocolate?
It was sweet to smell.
It broke into square chunks.
It was dark brown.
It could grow many kinds of crops.
10 pts
What happened after World War 1?
Ranchers and farmers made more money.
Grassland covered the Great Plains.
The price of farm products dropped.
Farmers were not able to plow as much land.
10 pts
What happened on "Black Tuesday"?
the first major dust storm
the stock market crashed
the beginning of World War 1
the death of the President
10 pts
The author wrote this selection in order to
convince the reader that the Dust Bowl could happen today.
explain why grass is as important as crops.
show how the Dust Bowl changed the country.
tell about a family who survived the Dust Bowl.
10 pts
How was farmland destroyed in the 1930´s?
10 pts
Why did farm production increase during World War 1?
10 pts
How was farming different after 1930?
10 pts
Why did the wind storms hurt the farmers so badly?
10 pts
Why did the Farm Security Administration start camps for migrant workers?
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