Quadrilaterals Review
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by brent hall
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Quick review of special types of quadrilaterals.
10 pts
Micah has a page of stickers that are all shaped like different quadrilaterals. What must be true about ALL of the stickers?
A) They are all squares
B) They all have two sets of parallel sides
C) They all have four sides
D) They all have four right angles
10 pts
Draw a quadrilateral that has 2 sets of parallel sides but NO right angles.
10 pts
Which of the following pairs of quadrilaterals could be used to describe the shape?
A) square & trapezoid
B) square & rectangle
C) rhombus & parallelogram
D) parallelogram & rectangle
10 pts
Eric draws a quadrilateral that could not be called a rhombus, parallelogram, or a rectangle. Draw the shape that Eric could have drawn below:
10 pts
The top of McKayla's desk is 80 inches long on two sides and 40 inches long on the other two sides. What shape could McKayla's desk be?
A) rectangle
B) triangle
C) square
D) rhombus
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