Mock Exam 1: Lectures 1-4
by Alvin Mangel
| 12 Questions
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The latest definition of Marketing focusses around 3 elements. These are:
A Creation of Value, Building of Relations, Capturing Value
B Creation of a Product, Building of Relations, Capturing Value
C Creation of value, Communication, Capturing Value
D Creation of a Product, Communication, Capturing Value
An alumni of the ISC who graduated from the VU university and has a job where she earns 3500€ a month finally focuses on buying an Electronic Bike. The fact she now has sufficient money, is in terms of marketing called a
A Need
B Want
C Demand
D All of the above answers
Marketing Management Orientations: 'Consumers will favor products that are available and highly affordable' is the definition for which marketing management orientation?
A Product concept
B Production concept
C Selling concept
D Marketing concept
The Marketing Environement: The microenvironement consists of The Company, Suppliers, Marketing Intermediaries and…..
A Audiences, Publics and Customers
B Competitors, Publics and Customers
C Distributers, Publics and Customers
D External Parties, Publics and Customers
Customer Relation Management is the overall --------- of building and maintaining profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer ----- and satisfaction.
Put the correct combination in the ----- area
A strategy, equity
B equity, strategy
C process, value
D value, process
Buyer behaviour is influenced by psychological factors: A Motive or drive is….
A a need that is pressing to seek satisfaction
B a unique psychogological characteristic
C a pattern of living expressed in behaviour
D an interaction between people
Buyer Behaviour is also influenced by Social factors. In this context, what is the definition of an opinion leader?
A A person who is an early adopter in buying products
B A person who uses word of mouth influence to advertise his product
C A person within a reference group who excert social influence on others
D A person within a reference group who is the most present at events
The Buyer Decision Process consists of 5 stages. The first 2 are Need Recognition and Information Search. What is the correct order of the other 3?
A Evaluation of Alternatives- Purchase Decision - Post Purchase behaviour
B Evaluation of Alternatives - Post Purchase behaviour - Purchase Decision
C Purchase Decision - Post Purchase behaviour - Evaluation of Alternatives
D Post Purchase behaviour - Purchase Decision-Evaluation of Alternatives
Types of Buying Behaviour: Buying Behaviour is characterized by either involvement & differences in brands. What is applying on Dissonance Reducing Buying Behaviour?
A High Involvement and few differences in brands
B Low Involvement and few differences in brands
C High Involvement and significant differences in brands
D Low Involvement and significant differences in brands
Post-purchase dissonance is best explained as:
A A consumer who buys new products
B A consumer who buys out of habit
C A consumer who experiences after sales discomfort
D A consumer who experiences after sales pleasure
Customer Buyer behaviour. Kotler distinguishes 4 major categories which affect consumer behaviour: Cultural, Political, Personal and Psychological. Outline in 100-125 words what the Cultural factor is about by illustrating 2 of the elements of 'Cultural' in relation to the sport footbal.
Regarding the theory of Kotler on Management Orientations. Kotler distinguishes amongst others the Selling Concept and the Marketing Concept. a) (10 points) Explain the difference between these two concepts. b)(10 points) Argue which of these concepts is best applying to the advertisement.
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