Simple Machines
by Katie O'Rielly
| 5 Questions
10 pts
Which of the following is NOT an example of a lever?
A. a hammer pulling a nail
B. a staircase
C. a seesaw
D. a crowbar
10 pts
A wheel is:
A. many levers pivoting around one fulcrum.
B. many levers pivoting around many fulcrums.
C. one lever pivoting around one fulcrum.
D. one lever pivoting around many fulcrums.
10 pts
A staircase in an example of __________.
A. a lever
B. a pulley
C. a ramp
D. a screw
10 pts
If you use a pulley system to lift heavy things into a tree house, you need:
A. to pull only a little bit of rope.
B. to find an inclined plane.
C. to pull more rope, but you won't need to work as hard.
D. to pull more rope and work extra hard.
10 pts
Cable cars use ________ to operate.
A. screws and ramps
B. inclined planes and pulleys
C. levers and pulleys
D. None of the above.
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