Giants of the Forest
by Kristen Mace
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
ISTEP Prep to help students practice finding and using evidence from a text to write in RACES format.
1 pt
According to the text, what protects coast redwoods from wildfires?
their spiky upper leaves
their wide, shallow root system
their thick bark
dense summer fog
1 pt
Which detail does NOT support the idea that redwoods are very large?
One tree is more than 370 feet tall.
The area they grow in is only 450 miles long.
One tree is 26 feet wide.
One tree is as tall as 37 classrooms.
1 pt
What does grandeur mean in this text?
impressive appearance
related to a forest
1 pt
What does longevity mean in this text?
long root system
long branches
long lifespan
long needles and leaves
3 pts
After reading the article, write 3-5 sentences explaining what you found interesting about the Redwoods. This should be written in RACES format! Make sure to use evidence from the article to support your opinion.
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