Cartooned Camelot
by Eric Bryan
| 9 Questions
Directions: Please take a careful look at the cartoon below. Answer the questions that follow.
3 pts
How does the text in the caption relate to or connect with the text in the speech bubble?
4 pts
a.) Why are all the men at the table covering their ears?

b.) Why does the caption say that the knights are grateful for Guinevere's presence?
4 pts
How does Guinevere’s remark to Arthur signal/indicate the privileged relationship she has with the king? Explain.
3 pts
Which details of the cartoon indicate that the scene is occurring in the Medieval period?
3 pts
Explain how the medieval details in the cartoon contrast with the characters’ actions.
3 pts
How does the knight’s behavior in the background add some humor to the scene?
4 pts
Although this cartoon is meant to be humorous, it also sends a serious message about power and authority. What is that message? Explain.
3 pts
In what ways does this cartoon make King Arthur and his Round Table more relatable for a modern audience?
3 pts
Explain what is anachronistic about the comic.
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