Civil War Test (Texas)
by Patrick Meyer
| 33 Questions
Word Bank
  • Secede
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Reconstruction
  • Abolitionist
  • Blockade
  • Robert E. Lee
  • Civil War
  • Jefferson Davis
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • John Wilkes Booth
  • States’ rights
3 pts
A person who wanted to end slavery.
3 pts
A nation at war with itself.
3 pts
Closing of a port by positioning ships to keep supplies or people from moving in or out.
3 pts
Commander of the Confederate Army
3 pts
Plan to restore the South to the Union
3 pts
Withdraw from something
3 pts
Commander of the Union Army
3 pts
The last battle fought in Texas
A Palmito Ranch
B Sabine Pass
C Galveston
3 pts
One advantage for the Confederacy was
A a lot of railroads
B better trained and more officers
C a lot of old men and young boys
3 pts
One disadvantage for the Confederacy was
A knew the territories and locals
B economy was based on farming
C better officers
3 pts
Because the South was a farming economy
A The North was not allowed to plant crops
B Most people lived in cities
C Once the farms and fields were ruined, there was no food or income
3 pts
Which of the following was NOT a cause of the Civil War?
A states' right
B election of Jefferson Davis
C future of slavery
3 pts
Because the North had a lot of industry
A It was easier to transport troops
B Slaves were used to operate machines
C Supplies and equipment could be made quickly
3 pts
Which of the following did NOT occur in Texas after the Civil War
A population increased
B sharecropping replaced slave labor
C cotton production decreased
3 pts
In which Texas region did most Civil War battle occur?
A Gulf Coastal Plains
B Mountains and Basins
C Great Plains
D Central Plains
3 pts
What system of labor replaced slave labor after the Civil War?
A Sharecropping
B union workers
C government workers
D blockade running
3 pts
During which years did the Civil War take place?
A 1861-1865
B 1870-1875
C 1881-1885
D 1900-1910
3 pts
The Confederacy won the Civil War
3 pts
The term "Union" refers to the North
3 pts
Texas remained part of the Union during the Civil War
3 pts
The biggest cash crop in Texas was
A cotton
B corn
C wheat
D Tabacco
3 pts
Why did the election of Abraham Lincoln upset Southerns?
A He was a Democrat and the Southerns disliked Democrats
B He wanted to extend slavery into Western U.S. territories/
C He wanted to legalize slavery in the North and reduce the tariffs
D He was a Republican and was in favor of tariffs and wanted to end slavery
3 pts
How did Texans decide the issue of secession?
A Governor Sam Houston decided for the state
B The people of Texas voted
C They had to secede because they were in the South
D The federal government forced them to secede
3 pts
Why was Sam Houston removed from office?
A He supported secession from the Union
B He opened ports to Confederate ships
C He refused to pledge his loyalty to the Confederacy
D He refused to turn over weapons
3 pts
Which important port city was briefly taken by Union forces before being retaken by Confederates in 1862?
A Laredo
B Galveston
C Sabine Pass
D Brownsville
3 pts
What was the main objective of the Union forces along the Texas coast?
A To force surrender of all Confederate troops in Texas
B to blockade supplies and weapons from entering or leaving Texas
C To capture the governor and disrupt the Texas government
D To free all slaves in Texas
4 pts
In general, the Union military was extremely successful in battles of Texas
Interpreting Primary Sources- Read the passages and answer the questions that follow.
"It was just before we left the house on the flat.. that Civil War was declared, and I can recall many pictures in Harper's Weekly then of the rising of the war cloud.
War times began their hard pinch here and one of the dearest memories I have of them is that mother had no tea, we gathered the leaves of yaupon shrub...they made a substitute, but only a substitute; then white flour was almost impossible to get, and no one had whitebread but Mother and Mary...As for clothing, Confederate money was of little value and even if it had been, cloth was almost impossible to get."
-Lillie Barr Munroe; Resident of Austin during Civil War
4 pts
The main purpose of this passage is to
A explain the shortages faced by Southerners during the Civil War
B describe the house that Mrs. Monroe lived in
C list the reasons for the low value of the Confederate dollar
D explain how to make tea from Yaupon leaves
Some of you laugh to scorn the idea of bloodshed as the result of secession. But let me tell you what is coming. You sons and brothers, will be herded at the point of the bayonet. You may, after the sacrifice of countless millions of treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives, as a bare possibility, win southern Independence... but I doubt it... The North is determined to preserve the Union... When they begin to move in a given direction, they will move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche; and what I fear is, they will overwhelm the South.
Sam Houston; Speech in Galveston, February 1861
4 pts
The quote above can BEST be described as a
A warning of things to come
B declaration of war
C declaration of independence
D plea for mercy from the North
3 pts
Houston tried to persuade the people of Texas to secede from the Union when he was Governor of Texas
3 pts
This Battle was actually after the Civil War
A Battle of Galveston
B Battle at Sabine Pass
C Battle at Palmito Ranch
3 pts
Which General surrendered at Appomattox Court House (Virginia)?
A General Robert E. Lee
B General Custard
C General Ulysses S Grant
3 pts
Who was elected President of the Confederate States of America
A George Washington
B Jefferson Davis
C Abraham Lincoln
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