Speed, Acceleration, and Momentum
by William Allred
| 14 Questions
Note from the author:
Speed, Acceleration, Momentum Practice Assignment
10 pts
Which best describes average speed?
A: The rate at which an object is traveling at a given time.
B: The rate at which an object travels over a period of time.
C: A change in the motion of an object.
D: A distance between two objects over time.
10 pts
Look at the distance-time graph above. What is the total distance traveled?
A: 100 cm
B: 5 cm
C: 3 cm
D: 50 cm
10 pts
Refer to the graph above again. Over what period of time does the motion occur?
A: 5 s
B: 100 s
C: 20 s
D: 3 s
10 pts
Look at the graph above. Given that speed = distance / time, calculate the speed of the object. Show your work in the space below.
10 pts
A kayaker paddles along a river for four hours. In that time, she manages to move a total of 20 miles. What is the average speed of the kayak for this trip?
A: 20 mph
B: 4 mph
C: 5 mph
D: 16 mph
10 pts
What is acceleration? Type a definition for this term in your own words.
10 pts
What is the formula for acceleration? Make sure your answer includes a key explaining what a, vf, vi, and t stand for.
10 pts
A ball begins rolling down a hill. After 5 seconds, its velocity is 10 meters per second. What is the acceleration of the ball? See page 346 in your book for help!
A: 5 m/s/s
B: 10 m/s/s
C: 15 m/s/s
D: 2 m/s/s
10 pts
A vehicle brakes from 30mph to 5 mph over a period of 10 seconds. What is the vehicles acceleration?
A: There is no acceleration, it is slowing down!
B: 2.5 m/s/s
C: -2.5 m/s/s
D: 150 m/s/s
10 pts
Over which time period does positive acceleration occur?
A: 3-5 s
B: 1-3 s
C: 5-6 s
D: 6-10 s
10 pts
Over which time period does negative acceleration occur?
A: 0-1s
B: 3-5s
C: 5-6s
D: 6-10s
10 pts
What is the formula for momentum? Be sure to include a key showing what p, m, and v stand for.
10 pts
Which has the most momentum?
A: A 1 g object at 100 m/s
B: A 100 g object at 1 m/s
C: Both have the same momentum
D: Neither has any momentum.
10 pts
Which has the most momentum?
A: 50 kg object at 5 m/s
B: 100 kg object at 10 m/s
C: 150 g object at 5 m/s
D: 200 kg object at 2 m/s
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