Acid_Base Lab Recommendation for an Upset Stomach
by Kathy Egbert
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Application and Analysis of Acids & Bases - Lab 2.2 - 30 pts
Lab Rules Apply - No Goofing Around

Materials: pH meter, beaker, water bottle, A-K test samples

  • Procedure:
  • It is very important that you clean the pH meter between testing each sample so you don't contaminate the samples
    • How to clean the pH meter:
      • Hold the ph meter over the beaker provided to you
      • Use the water bottle to squirt water on the tip and rinse it off
  • Using a clean pH meter, put the tip of the pH meter into one of the samples, wait for the reading to stabilize
    • Put the lid back on the sample
    • Record the pH reading in your Table below
    • Clean the pH meter with water over the beaker provided to you
    • Go to the next sample
    • Continue this procedure until you have a reading for all of the samples
Do one sample at a time. Be sure to take the lid off and to put the lid back on after each sample to ensure that you don't get your samples mixed up. The materials provided for you are for all of the class sections, please do not waste the samples.

Case Scenario/Question: Suppose you have an upset stomach. What would you recommend or use to calm an upset stomach and why? [Remember that gastric juices are very acidic, pH 1 to 3.]

Complete the "then" portion of the Hypothesis: If a base is used to neutralize the gastric juices in your stomach, then...
A constant in this experiment is
A the product samples, A-K
B the pH meter
C the cost of the products
D the cost per dose of the product
Complete graph by filling in the pH reading and calculating the cost per dose.
Clean up
  • Everyone is responsible for clean-up
  • Be sure all the samples have their lids put on tightly and returned to their tub
  • The "dirty" water in your beaker from washing your pH meter between testing samples needs to be emptied into the container on the front table marked "waste".
    • Use a paper towel to dry your beaker before returning it to your tub
  • Be sure all other materials used in the lab are returned to their original location
  • Be sure to wipe down your table.

Answer the original question using the data from your table and/or graph: What would you recommend or use to calm an upset stomach and why? Support your answer using information from your table and/or graph. Do not use your personal opinion on a product or your past experience with that product. For example, do not make statements like: "I always use 7-up because it makes me feel better." Use complete sentences.
Graph and Analyze your results:1) Complete the graph by adding the tick marks for the x and y axes. The labels have been provided to you, however, while grafting your data you will have to add the letters (A-K) under the appropriate pH reading. 2) Put in an appropriate Title using the format "The Effect of (IV) on (DV) 2) Lightly shade in the half of the pH scale that are bases
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