Passive Voice
by Phua Hazel| 2 Questions
Comic Task - 1 point for each correct passive sentence
Photo Gallery - 2 points for each set of correct active and passive sentences
Video Commentary Task - 3 points for each passive sentences
Guiding Questions for Video Commentary Task
1. What were some of the games played by the children? - Describe how the games were played.
Helping vocabulary: hurdles, obstacle race, bean bags, tracks, jumped over, overcame
2. What did the parents do as they watched the events?
Helping vocabulary: cheered on, applauded , encouraged
3. What were some of the values demonstrated by the children through their participation in the events? (Be prepared to
share your reason)

Helping vocabulary: determination, resilience, perseverance

Note: Try constructing sentences using active voice first if you are stuck on constructing sentences using passive voice.
When writing sentences in passive voice, the emphasis is on the ...
In the passive sentence below, i) draw curved arrows to show your check for subject-verb agreementii) underline the changes to the verb
Subject - Verb Agreement: Singular / Plural , Changes in Verb: "to be verb" + "-ed / -en participle" + "by"

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