US History
by fiona liddell
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US History -revolution
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How could the British government have prevented the American Revolution?
By forcing King George III to give up the throne
By allowing colonists to elect representatives to Parliament
By overruling the decisions of the colonial legislatures
By increasing taxes on the colonists
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If you were a colonist, why would you have been upset about the Quartering Act?
It would've forced you to pay taxes on tea, paper and other British goods
It would've made all of your Colonial money worthless
It would've prevented you from being represented in Parliament
It might have forced you to let British soldiers live in your house
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If you were boycotting British tea, what would you be doing?
Tarring and feathering British tea merchants
Dumping British tea into the Boston Harbour
Refusing to buy British tea
Paying high prices for British tea
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How was the Boston Massacre different from the battles of the Revolutionary War?
The war was fought between two armies; in the Massacre, soldiers shot unarmed civilians
The war began during the 1770s; the Massacre took place during the 1760s
The war was fought far away from Massachusetts, where the Massacre took place
The Massacre involved guns; the battles were fought with swords
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What does it mean to 'repeal' a law?
To protest it
To overturn it
To refuse or obey it
To obey it grudgingly
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How did the colonial militia know the British were coming to Lexington?
Paul Revere, Samuel Prescott and William Dawes warned them on their midnight ride
Spies in the British army warned them
The British troop movements were obvious and easy to observe
They didn't know and they were taken by surprise
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What word best describes the time the Continental Army spent at Valley Forge?
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How did Ben Franklin help the American war effort?
By writing the Declaration of Independence
By serving as President of the Continental Army
By serving as a general in the Continental Army
By convincing the French government to aid the colonists
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What did George Washington have in common with Lord Cornwallis?
They were both elected by their fellow citizens
They were both in charge of their respective armies
They both won key victories over the British Army
They both received titles from the King of England
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If you were a soldier at Valley Forge, what would be the biggest risk to your well being?
heat stroke
attacks by British soldiers
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Which of the following is an opinion about the American Revolution?
Fighting on their home soil was an advantage for the Continental Army
Washington's men showed far more courage than the British
The last major battle of the war took place in Virginia
Washington's men respected him
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How did the colonial militias differ from the modern US army?
Colonial militamen trained for months;modern soldiers are hardly trained at all
Colonial militias used swords and bayonets; the modern Army uses guns
The colonial militias were volunteer forces; the modern Army consists of paid, professional soldiers
The colonial militias had no ranks; the modern Army does
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Place the following events in sequence: A)Battle of Yorktown; B)Battle of Bunker Hill; C)Battle of Lexington
C, B, A
B, A, C
B, C, A
C, A, B
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How did the British respond to the Boston Tea Party?
They pulled all the British troops out of Massachusetts
They passed the Townshend Acts
They blockaded Boston Harbour
They invaded the United States
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What is the significance of the Battle of Saratoga?
It was where the first shots of the war were fired
It was the last major battle in the American Revolution
It was a major British victory
It's considered the turning point of the war
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Use the memory device below to help you name the original 13 colonies.
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Write a short paragraph explaining what the Boston Tea Party was
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What are some of the main causes of the American Revolution? Choose 2 key events and explain why they are important
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