Poetry Study- Curb Your Cloud
by Chamekia Fields
| 2 Questions
Note from the author:
Curb Your Cloud

Curb Your Cloud

Reeling in my kite
one day, I found
that I had caught a cloud.
It followed me home
that night, nestling about
my house, keeping me warm.

In the morning
it rose back to the sky
but still dangled
my line. “Go home,” I said,
but it followed me to school.

When I tied it to the bike rack
the other kids laughed.
But after I pulled it
into the playground
and let them stroke
its icy fur,
they all wanted
to catch a cloud too.

Sometimes we sit
on a hillside and watch it
do its tricks. It can do
a whale, an airplane,
and is learning
to spell our names.
What tricks has the cloud learned to do?
What does the cloud remind you of in real life? (What would you compare it to?
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