Reflection of Light
by Jill Walker
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
1 pt
What is a synonym for reflection of light?
bending of light
bouncing of light
1 pt
In tropical locations, the roofs of homes are often painted white to prevent the temperatures inside the home from getting too hot.

Which statement explains how white roofs keep the temperatures lower inside homes?
The white paint reflects the sunlight.
Sunlight refracts through the white paint.
Sunlight is absorbed and trapped in the white paint.
The white paint allows sunlight to travel through the roof.
1 pt
(Use the picture above to answer this question.)
Students bump into each other when they turn the corner in the hallway shown below. The principal plans to place a mirror in the hall so that the students can see each other before reaching the corner. Where should the principal place the mirror?
position A
position B
position C
position D
1 pt
Several students are trying to determine which material would be best to use to cover the outside of the classroom windows so the sun does not heat up the room. They shine a beam of light at different materials and they record the path of the light for each material.

Which diagram (below) shows the material they should use on the classroom windows?
2 pts
What is the best color to wear on a hot summer day? Why?
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