"The Jungle Final"
by Debbie Johnston
| 45 Questions
1 pt
From what country do Jurgis and Ona emigrate?
A Russia
B Romania
C Lithuania
D Poland
1 pt
Who is the first person to abandon the family?
A Jurgis
B Ona
C Marija
D Jonas
1 pt
Why is Jurgis sent to prison the first time?
A For raping Ona
B For attacking Phil Connor
C For Destroying the farmer's peach tree
D For public drunkenness
1 pt
Who develops a drug addiction?
A Ona
B Teta
C Marija
D Jokubas
1 pt
Who plays the violin?
A Tamoszious
B Jurgis
C Jokubas
D Ona
1 pt
In what year was "The Jungle" first published?
A 1921
B 1906
C 1882
D 1907
1 pt
Whose delicatessen (deli which sells meat) is a financial failure?
A Jurgis
B Jokubas
C Ona
D Tamoszius
1 pt
When Jurgis was sent to prison, what does Kotrina have to do?
A Go back to school
B Become a burglar
C Pack meat
D Sell Newspapers
1 pt
When was Upton Sinclair born?
A 1858
B 1918
C 1898
D 1878
1 pt
Who employs Jurgis as a porter?
A Tommy Hinds
B Jack Duane
C Nicholas Schliemann
D Mike Scully
1 pt
Why is Stansilovas afraid of the cold on winter mornings?
A Because he hates slipping on the ice
B Because he has to work outdoors
C Because he has seen the effects of frostbite
D Because he only earns money on warm days
1 pt
Where is Ostrinski from?
A Poland
B Lithuania
C Romania
D Russa
1 pt
What law was passed due to the public outcry caused by the novel?
A The Food and Drug Reform Bill
B The Countermeasure
C The Wage Reform Standards Act
D The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906
1 pt
How does the young Antanas die?
A He is killed by a steer
B He eats bad sausage
C He drowns in the mud-logged street
D He catches frostbite
1 pt
How does Kristoforas die?
A He eats diseased meat
B He falls off of a carriage
C he drowns in the mud-logged street
D He is killed by an angry union member to punish Jurgis for breaking the strike
1 pt
At the beginning of the novel, what is Jurgis's response to learning of the debt caused by his marriage feast?
A I will earn more
B I will work harder
C I will work more
D I will try harder
1 pt
What is Teta Elizbeta's relationship to Ona?
A She is Ona's mother
B She is Ona's aunt
C She is Ona's stepmother
D She is Ona's daughter
1 pt
What political party fors Mike Scully belong?
A Democratic
B Republican
C Socialist
D Communism
1 pt
Who becomes a prostitute?
A Ona
B Marija
C Teta Elizbeta
D Kotrina
1 pt
Where does the Philantropic (rich) woman find a job for Jurgis?
A Packington fertilizer plant
B On the killing beds
C In a bratwurst factory
D In the steel mills
1 pt
What does Jurgis seek to avenge in attacking Connor?
A Connor's murder of Stanislovas
B Connor's rape of Marija
C Connor's rape of Ona
D Connor's firing of Marija
1 pt
What political party does Tommy Hind belong?
A Communist
B Capitalist
C Republican
D Socialist
1 pt
What does Freddie Jones give to Jurgis?
A A one-hundred-dollar bill
B A rabbit's foot
C A car
D A gold watch
1 pt
Who convinces Jurgis to live for Antanas after Ona's death?
A Kristoforas
B Ona
C Marija
D Teta Elizbeta
1 pt
What is the lithuanian word for "wedding feast"?
A Tamatha
B Veselija
C Acziavimas
D Koszovirums
1 pt
Why do Marija and Tamoszius postpone their marriage?
A They cannot afford it
B Marija no longer loves Tomaszius
C Tamoszius no longer loves Marija
D They are both unsure of their feelings for each other
1 pt
Why does Jake Duane leave town?
A His associates abandon him after he barely escapes arrest
B He longes to see the Pacific Ocean
C His wife and children have died
D He has heard that there are higher wages in Lithuania
1 pt
How do the smaller children earn money?
A by stealing
B by making sausage
C by shining shoes
D by selling newspapers
1 pt
which is the most dangerous season in Packingtown?
A Summer
B Winter
C Spring
D Fall
1 pt
What injury forces Jurgis to spend nearly three months in bed, unable to work?
A a broken leg
B a fractured wrist
C a sprained ankle
D a cracked rib
1 pt
What does Jurgis become after Antanas' death?
A A tramp
B a fertilizer plant worker
C a meat packer
D a union members
1 pt
At which type of rally does Jurgis hear a speech that fills him with inspiration?
A Pep
B Socialist
C Motorsport
D Facist
1 pt
What feeling does Jurgis's character primarily elicit fromt he reader?
A Amusement
B Disgust
C Boredom
D Pity
1 pt
What is ONA ruined by?
A The forces of Capitalism
B The forces of Socialism
C The forces of Nihilism
D The forces of Anarchy
1 pt
Who is the strongest and one of the most important characters in "The Jungle"
A Dede Antanas Rudku
B Ona Lukoszaite
C Teta Elzbieta Lukoszaite
D Kotrina Lukoszaite
1 pt
What philosphy heavily influenced Sinclair's life and writings?
A New Platonism
B Socialiam
C German Idealism
D Capitalism
1 pt
What was the term Theodore Roosevelt Coined to refer to journalists who devoted themselves to exposing the ills of industrialization?
A Yellow journalists
B Scabs
C Muckrakers
D Gonzo Journalists
1 pt
How did Stanilovas die?
A Ate by rats when he fell asleep at work
B Fell into a vat of lard
C Died from alcoholism
D walk in front of a trolley car
1 pt
What did Jurgis and Jack Duane do for money when they were released from jail?
A Sold Newspapers
B Robbed banks
C learned how to pickpocket things
D started MMA fighting
1 pt
What were the men and women called who did not go on strike and continued to work?
A Vagabonds
B Smart
C Scabs
D Tramp
10 pts
What is the main idea/theme of Sinclair's novel, "The Jungle"?

10 pts
What do you think that Sinclair's purpose for writing this piece? Was he able to make changes due to the information in the novel?

10 pts
What were the problems that the Jurgis's family has to face in America in "The Jungle"? Name at least 5, extra credit for more than 5

10 pts
Name at least 5 things "The Jungle" reveals about the meat packing industry. Extra credit for more than 5 things

10 pts
How is the life in the country compared to the life in city of Packington, according to Jurgis?
Compare and contrast the two as written in the novel.

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