Using Playlists to Differentiate
by Jennifer Thomas
| 4 Questions
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How excited are you to be here at today's PD?

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How often do you assign work that involves delivering multiple modes of media/digital resources in the same assignment/unit? (videos, images, readings, websites, etc)
Often (once a week or more)
Sometimes (once every couple weeks)
Rarely (once a month or less)
1 pt
If you answered "often," "sometimes," or "rarely" please answer the following:
What strategies and/or tools do you use to deliver this multi-modal content? (ie instructions on the board, Classroom, Google Docs/Apps, worksheets, other tech tools, etc.)
Turn and talk to your neighbor
Discuss Q3 above to share ideas.
Read this document on Playlists in the classroom. As you read, be thinking about ways you could utilize the playlist model in your classroom. Answer the questions that are embedded throughout the doc.
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What is "Blended Learning?" Not sure? Go to for more info!
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