Addition/Subtraction Number Stories
by Tina Garrett
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
Students will practice reading number stories, writing equations and solving for X.
1 pt
Practice Slide
1 pt
Ellen had 12,080 Legos, but she lost 417 Legos. How many Legos does she have now?
1 pt
Suppose you want to buy three loaves of bread that cost $1.50 each and a jar of peanut butter that costs $4.00. A jar of jelly is $2.75, but you don't need any jelly. You have $10.00 How much money will you have left over?
1 pt
You had $1 millon, but then you spend $999 and then spend $22,222. How much money you have left?
1 pt
A company donates 936 pencils to a school. The pencils are divided evenly among 9 classrooms. How many pencils does each classroom get?
1 pt
Mrs. Hilt bought 15 books. She paid $11 for each book. She later sold all 15 books for $25 each. What is the difference between the total amount of money Mrs. Hilt sold the books for and the total amount of money she paid for the books?
1 pt
A scientist had a liquid that was 90 degrees F. If he needed to heat it up another 20 degrees for an experiment, what temperature was he trying to make the liquid?
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